Alverde Relaunch – A GDS Success Story

For the third time in a row, khdesign has been invited to a Pitch by their long-term client dm drugstore for the store brand „alverde“ – a natural cosmetics serial. From the beginning on the team has been under considerable strain as the client expected totally new and unique design solutions.
Right from the start khdesign thought and created in concept worlds – so one of these worlds was „Feng Shui & Ikebana“, which elated the client directly.
The implementation of the design for the more than 40 products had to be realised through photography (not Illustration). Now it was up to khdesign to find a Photographer who could transfer the idea of „Ikebana“ into the photos of flowers, plants and herbs.
In this phase khdesign has been working with three Photographers – to find out which of them is the right one for this project. But none of these three Photographers hit the clients taste because none of them implemented the Photography unique enough.
Finally one designer of the team had the idea to ask Justin from Taipei – the Photographer GDS Partner Proad Identity works through every project. He was asked to do some test shots for one of the products.
Everyone was confident that he will understand the design idea touching the Asian world. And that’s how it ended up. Directly the first test shots for the facial care “wild rose” convinced the client. Even more than that: The client was totally enthusiastic about the very modern and staged idea of presenting the flowers and plants in his pictures.
Because of this successful outcome the client mandated us with the enlargement of the range – a cosmetic men series.