Trends in the “Global Village”

Almost 50 years ago the Canadian communication theorist Marshall McLuhan established the term “Global Village”. Ever since then the term has been used by all kinds of experts in the context of phenomenons that affect the whole world. Recent developments like the climatic change or the global financial crisis once again invite us to think about this aged term.

Nowadays especially when it comes to the spread of a trend the meaning of the concept becomes very obvious. A decade ago it took serveral years for a trend to transfer from one continent to another. By now with the help of the internet, trends spread in the blink of an eye.

For people involved in the creative industry it is increasingly important to be informed about new developments from all over the world. The increase in trendsetters as well as the acceleration of their spread entails a growth in complexity but opens up new possibilities. To find your way in the “Global Village”, or even better, to be well versed in its small alleys is key if you want to stay successfull. That is why it can be beneficial to have GDS as a partner. GDS is a navigation system that will insure that you are on the right track as you move through the “Global Village”.