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Q. What drove you to start a career in this industry?

When I was a child, I used to watch a Japanese TV show which showed how they helped failing stores to grow. At that time, I just felt that could bring happiness to others but had no idea how to do that. In recent years the word “branding” became more and more popular, and as my major subject is psychology, I know this idea is growing.

Q. What is your favorite brand and why?

I believe “Apple” is many people’s favorite brand, and so do I!
Designed, style, strong attitude, and leading performance, these are the reasons why I like it very much. To many people, it creates a future image and lets you have the chance to access it. To me, it’s a brand which really embeds you in the world it creates.

Q. Please share one inspiring moment that affected your approach to the industry.

“Without your help I didn’t know if we could make it!” This is spoken by one of my customers, and it’s really inspiring. Most of our customers are SMEs and it’s because of the unique environment in Taiwan. They know how to produce but rarely understand promotion or branding and it’s why they need our help. To me, the most inspiring moment is not in the process but the feedback from markets and smiles from customers.