Knut Hartmann
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Q. What drove you to start a career in this industry?

What made me start my career is the same as what still drives me every day: the passion for creating and artworking – the search for excellence. But I also have to admit that I had quite some luck. I always was surrounded by people like my parents who gave me every chance to follow my passion.

Q. What is my favorite brand and why?

My favorite brand clearly is Audi because they combine their motto „Fortschritt durch Technik“, “progress by technology” , with outstanding design. Audi is one of the best examples of how to become premium and one of the No. 1 car sellers in the world by searching for the best technology and innovative design. That mix of high tech and emotional spirit is the success story of that brand.

Q. Who do I look towards as a mentor, influencer, or person you admire?

The person that surely influenced my work as a designer the most is Olaf Leu, a revolutionary thinking German typograph and designer. At Leu’s design agency I found my first job. He was the one who helped me to find my way because he let me work freely right awy, provided me with an excellent surrounding and last but not least gave me an idea of the meaning of design.