Lumeos News

Lei-Yueh is a professional LED light manufacturer proud of its design and R&D expertise. Many of its products have received international awards, such as the IF Product Design Award and Red-Dot Award. In considering a long-term business, Lei-Yueh applied for a government subsidy to start its own brand business.

With its background as a GDS member and specializing in branding and design, Proad was chosen to help develop the brand. While Proad has many experiences in helping enterprises succeed in their markets, our work with the brand Lumeos is still a challenge. According to the brief given by the client, they wish to have a global brand, but the foreign end-user market is still unfamiliar.

In the beginning of the project, naming and market analyzing became a very important task. For a global view, and considering the target market, Proad asked Bailey Brand Consulting to lead this phase of the project. Bailey hosted a workshop for Lei-Yueh in Philadelphia; the two day workshop included visiting stores, brand positioning and naming strategy discussion.

Lumeos is the brand name developed by Bailey. Because of the good start, Lumeos now has entered many channels in Taiwan, just their first step to realizing an international brand.