Nadine Hartmann
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Q. What drove you to start a career in this industry?

To answer this question, I have to start early in my life, with my birth: I was born into a design family. With my father Knut as a packaging designer and my Mom as a fashion designer I have been confronted with design ever since. Even during my childhood Knut often asked me about different design layouts and which one I like most. Also my mothers sewing room was like a treasure where I often discovered beautiful cloth, knobs or sequins. A paradise for a kid! Even I studied something rational (Politics and Economics), I think noone wondered that I finally stepped into the design business. 

Q. What product or brand do you use that you could not live without?

I am a woman, so this question is easily answered: I couldn’t live without “Relaxing Fragrance” from Shiseido, “Inimitable Mascara” from Chanel and “Body Oil Lemon & Rosemary” from alverde. 

Q. What is your favorite brand and why?

One of my favourite brands is “Häagen Dazs” Ice Cream. For sure: the taste is really great – no other Ice Cream can compete with it. The different sorts are always worth a try. But I also have to admit that in the end I often go for Strawberry! No additional ingredients like emulsifiers or stabilizers are used. The packaging design remains true to itself! In my eyes an authentic brand with a great product!